Anthology deal, e-book deal, AND audiobook deal

New Anthology Deal:

A new science fiction anthology is on Amazon and immediately became a bestseller in a bunch of different categories. It features original short stories by 19 of today’s best sci fi writers, and I have a story in it! Orphans in Black is for readers who love their science fiction based around internal struggles more than explosions, and it’s getting great reviews. The best part: the entire anthology is only $0.99.

Anyone who has read The Man Who Watched The World End or my other apocalyptic books will love the short story I contributed to the anthology. The Last Astronaut takes place in the same world of the Great De-evolution as many of my novels, a world where mankind is slowly fading away. If you read it, I’d love to hear what you think.

An e-Book Deal:

If you aren’t familiar with my most popular series, the Great De-evolution, now is a great time to get introduced. Each takes place in a world where the human population is slowly going extinct over a lifetime. There is no fighting or zombies, just people trying to find their place in the world as the society around them fades away. They are very bleak and quiet stories, geared for fans of Cormac McCarthy’s ‘The Road.’  To give everyone a chance to become familiar with that world, I have one of the books discounted to only $0.99 for the next couple days. A Different Alchemy was my second book and one of my personal favorites.


An Audiobook Deal:

Last year, my Great De-evolution books were all turned into amazing audiobooks produced by Podium Publishing. Each is set up for WhisperSync, so that means if you buy the ebook of A Different Alchemy for $0.99, you can buy the entire audiobook, narrated by Ray Chase, for only $3.99.  That’s a crazy price. I hope you take advantage of it.