a HUGE sci-fi giveaway you don’t want to miss

I’m taking part in a huge book giveaway that you won’t want to miss. It’s being organized by a group called the ‘Sci-Fi Bridge,’ a collection of science fiction authors dedicated to promoting exclusive deals, new releases, and other great stuff straight to your inbox!

The Sci-Fi Bridge crew just announced their 4th massive book giveaway and five of my books are included! There are free prizes available for everyone who enters between May 20 and 27 but the big news is that 5 lucky winners will receive 30+ e-books from some of today’s hottest upcoming Sci-Fi authors. Not just that… 1 lucky Grand Prize Winner will also receive 20+ Signed Books, including two of my Great-De-evolution books and some bestsellers by authors you won’t want to miss.

All you have to do is enter here: www.scifibridge.com.  Good luck!  I hope you’re one of the winners!