Dystopian, Apocalyptic, and Epic Space Fantasy like you’ve never read before.

The Novels

Reviews for “The Man Who Watched The World End”

“Fascinating… I couldn’t put it down… I definitely recommend this.” —
“[Dietzel] has accomplished something remarkable: he really has written a book that is one of a kind.” — Nancy Roberts
“All I can say is trust me and give this book a read.”  — The Lazy Book Reviwer
“A true wakeup call to everyone… One powerful novel.”  — Fran Lewis – Just Reviews
“Dystopian in focus yet incredibly human in its exploration and atmosphere… This is a book, a work, worthy of each and every one of those 5 star reviews.” —  Mack Meijers – Authors on the Air
“One of the best books I have ever read… Plays on one of our deepest fears, something we all know will happen one day.” — Terry Reid – The Four Corners of Santerria

Reviews for “A Different Alchemy”

“A powerful story that will keep you thinking about how we treat others and why people do the things they do.” – Fran Lewis; Just Reviews
“The imagery, the concept, the writing – all excellent. You won’t be disappointed.” – Three Cats and a Girl
“A highly addictive book… A must read for everyone.” – The Reading Room
“A humanistic tale of a man at a cross roads… both hopeless and fearless.” Highest possible rating. —

Reviews for “The Hauntings of Playing God”

“The Hauntings of Playing God will haunt you long after the dreams and nightmares end! Dietzel has hit the mark even higher with this book.” – Fran Lewis, Just Reviews
“One of the best dystopian series to come out in a long time.” – Three Cats and a Girl
“A good tale. The story pulls you right in.” – The Four Corners of Santerria

Reviews for “The Green Knight”

“Dietzel proves a master at swashbuckling space opera.”  Kirkus

“Nothing in this tale was disappointing, from the great world building, to the vivid battle scenes, to the depth and heart of the central characters.”  Amazon Top 100 Reviewer

“An amazing sci-fi journey into fun. A must read for galactic war sci-fi readers.”  The Full-Time Book Reviewer

“Stirring sci-fi action that should appeal to fans who applaud the introduction “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.””  Kirkus Reviews

Reviews for “A Excalibur”



Great characters, great action, great plot…get this book!” Sam Joseph, moderator of the largest Star Wars fan group on Facebook

“An absolutely wonderful Sci-Fi adventure.” The Quilting Tangent

“Stirring sci-fi action that should appeal to fans who applaud the introduction “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.””  Kirkus Reviews

Reviews for “The Round Table”

“The best book in the series!”

“Dietzel’s descriptions and imagination are wonderful.”

By far the best book of the series.”

“A superb conclusion to Dietzel’s Space Lore Trilogy.”

Reviews for “The Theta Timeline”

“An excellent book.”  Highest possible rating.  – TheOnlineBookClub
“Dark, frightening, interesting. You don’t want to miss this journey. A truly great novel.     Fran Lewis, Just Review
“I’m constantly seeing how this story could come true. Highly recommended for all fans of dystopian.”
  –  Three Cats and a Girl
“Captivating.  A thought-provoking novel.”
  –  Ronel Tonder, author of ‘Compile: Quest’

Reviews for “The Theta Prophecy”

THETA2_front_med “A terrifying glimpse at a believable future.” – Kirkus

“4 out of 4 stars!” – TheOnlineBookClub

“Extremely well-written and though-provoking.” – David Estes, author of the best-selling “Moon Dwellers Saga”