Cover Reveal – Lancelot (Space Lore IV)

The 4th book in the Space Lore series will be released on July 23 and the cover will blow you away.

In the years since the Round Table was formed, a campaign began to spread its message throughout the galaxy. Most planets willingly join, but others are hesitant.

Deep inside the Cartha sector, the course of history will forever be altered, not only because the Carthagens are a cunning and deadly species unlike anything the Round Table forces have met before, but because they are led by Lancelot, renowned as the greatest warrior in all of the galaxy.

Welcome to the next chapter of the Space Lore saga, where Arthurian legend meets Star Wars. Epic space fantasy will never be the same.










Book 4 of the Space Lore series can be pre-ordered today for only $0.99. But order it now because it will go up to its regular price after it’s released.

And to celebrate the release of Book 4, the Space Lore Boxed Set: Vol 1-3, will be 800% off its normal price and will also be only $0.99, but only from July 23-29 so make sure you get a copy if you aren’t already caught up on this incredible blend of Arthurian legend and Star Wars.