Writing Milestones Achieved

The past two weeks have been hectic but also noteworthy in terms of achieving many of my goals as a writer. Here are some of the things that happened in the last 14 days:


  • My Space Lore Boxed Set became an Amazon Bestseller and was also featured on iBooks (Apple), Barnes & Noble, and Kobo (Sony) as a must-read.
  • Book 4 in my Space Lore series was published and immediately became an Amazon  ‘Hot New Release’ and best seller in multiple science fiction sub genres.
  • My Amazon author rank got all of the way up to #16, surpassing many of my favorite authors. At one point I was right in between Timothy Zahn, who wrote some of my favorite stories when I was a kid and whose latest book just became an New York Times Bestseller, and George Orwell, who is a true writing idol of mine.
  • The audiobook version of the ‘Bridge Across the Stars’ anthology was released by Tantor. This is noteworthy because Tantor is one of the three biggest names in audiobooks and this marked the first time that any major audiobook producer took a chance on creating and distributing the audiobook version of an anthology that was entirely made up of independent authors.










While I didn’t achieve every goal I had hoped for, it was still quite a two weeks and brought me many steps closer to fulfilling my dream.