The Great De-evolution — now on Whispersync!

As you all know, my three Great De-evolution novels have all been turned into audiobooks by Podium Publishing. The Man Who Watched The World End, A Different Alchemy, and The Hauntings of Playing God can all be purchased at Amazon or Audible. Each sounds truly amazing so you should check them out. But there’s an added feature with the audiobooks that I didn’t even know about until Podium explained it to me.

Each audiobook is set up to be available for Whispersync. If you haven’t tried it before, you definitely should. It will blow you away. Whispersync has two great bonuses for readers/listeners. The first is that when you also purchase the Kindle ebook on Amazon, you’re able to switch back and forth between the written book and the audiobook without ever losing your place. The second is that if you purchase the Kindle version first, the audiobook is reduced to only $2.99, which is an 88% discount off the normal price. What does that mean? You can buy the Kindle version AND the audiobook version, never lose your place, and still save 70% off the regular list price of the audiobook. How great is that?

As a longtime listener of audiobooks myself, this is something I wish they would have created a long time ago. And now, if you also love audiobooks as much as I do, you can listen to three amazing stories for 70% off the normal price.

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