June New Releases: Books and Audiobooks!

June is a huge month for me. All three books in my Space Lore trilogy will be released, as well as my Great De-evolution audiobooks! Whether you love epic space fantasy stories like Star Wars or enjoy listening to incredibly high quality and professionally narrated audiobooks, I’ve got something you’ll enjoy.

Star Wars meets Arthurian Legend
On June 7, the first book in my Space Lore trilogy comes out. The Green Knight is based on the classic, “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” and retold as an epic space fantasy. I’m trying something unique with the trilogy by incorporating the Netflix ‘crash’ method where they release an entire series all at once. That means that Book 2, The Excalibur, comes out June 8. And Book 3, The Round Table, comes out June 9. All three can be pre-ordered today, and I guarantee they’re going to blow you away.

The Quiet End of Mankind
Also on June 7, my first ever audiobook is going to be released! I’m very excited for this. Podium Publishing, the same company that created the audiobook for The Martian and a bunch of other bestsellers, has produced the audiobooks for my Great De-evolution novels. The first one, The Man Who Watched The World End, is the story of an old man recounting all the ways society changed as mankind slowly faded away. I’ve had a chance to listen to it and the narrator they found to do the voice is insanely talented. If you loved reading these stories, enjoy quality audiobooks, or want to read anything related to the apocalypse, this is a must. The second book, A Different Alchemy, comes out June 28. The third book, The Hauntings of Playing God, comes out July 19.

As with everything else I do, I would love to hear what you think of these stories. If you read my Space Lore trilogy or listen to the Great De-evolution audiobooks, definitely let me know what you think of them.