When Writing Rules Conflict (aka, My Next Books Are Coming Out Soon!)

There’s a saying that writers should only write about the things they actually care about, should only create stories they have a passion to tell. I completely agree with this. The books I’ve written to date are the types of books I would love to read and so they were the type of books I wanted to write.

There is another guideline for authors, however. This one says that authors should stay in their lane and write the same types of stories over their career in order to build a brand. That means if you write thrillers you shouldn’t all of a sudden write historical romance. If you write science fiction, you shouldn’t delve into horror, etc.

This second guideline, while I understand it, often times conflicts with the first. After all, what if an author is passionate about telling more than one type/genre of story? I’ve been thinking a lot about this recently as I prepare to launch my next books series.

My first three books all took place in the apocalyptic world of the Great De-evolution, a quiet end of mankind. These are reflective books that don’t contain much action. My next two books were time travel dystopians inspired by George Orwell’s ‘1984’ and by current events.

For my next three books I’m doing something completely different. After all, I only want to create stories I’m passionate about and my biggest creative influence since my early childhood has been the original Star Wars trilogy. That’s why my next three books won’t take place as mankind fades away and won’t involve some kind of dystopian theme. Instead, I’m publishing an epic space fantasy.

Anyone who has read my previous books is probably shocked by this. But for readers of my Great De-evolution books or Theta Timeline books, remember that they are nothing like the types of apocalyptic and dystopian stories you are used to. It is my guarantee that my upcoming space fantasy books also won’t be like anything you’ve read before. So even if you don’t normally read that type of book, I invite you to come along for the ride. If you already love space fantasy, you’ll be blown away by my take on the genre.

Tentatively planned for release around June of this year, I’ll be giving away the first book in the series to all of my newsletter subscribers. If you haven’t signed up to my newsletter yet, be sure to sign up today. If you know anyone who loves Star Wars or other space fantasy epics, make sure they subscribe right now. You won’t regret it.



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