The Novels

The Space Lore Boxed Set: Space Lore 1-3

Welcome to Space Lore, where Arthurian legend meets Star Wars. Epic space fantasy will never be the same.

For the first time, all three Space Lore books are included in one volume. Each will transport you to a world that combines mythology with Sci Fi action and adventure.

Contains: The Green Knight (Space Lore I); The Excalibur (Space Lore II); and The Round Table (Space Lore III).

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The Great De-evolution: The Complete Collection

All three Great De-evolution books in one volume. Be warned, these are not stories for people who need action sequences or pretty endings. But if you love introspective, reflective stories or want a different take on the end of mankind, these stories are for you. Each novel depicts a quiet and bleak ending of mankind, a gradual and inevitable extinction without fighting or action, only people growing old and witnessing each aspect of society slowly fading away around them.

Contains ‘The Man Who Watched The World End,’ ‘A Different Alchemy,’ and ‘The Hauntings of Playing God.’

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 The Green Knight (Space Lore I)

Near the border between two kingdoms, a vessel full of innocent passengers is destroyed. While the extent of the impending retaliation is unknown, its inevitability is not. Galactic war is approaching.
In a seedy bar in a distant corner of the solar system, a knight clad entirely in green armor puts forth a grisly challenge. The only person to accept the knight’s game is a woman who spends her time drinking and thieving.
These two acts, occurring in different parts of the galaxy, both lead to the same spot: the planet that will soon fall under attack.  Welcome to Space Lore, where Arthurian legend meets Star Wars. Epic space fantasy will never be the same.

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The Excalibur (Space Lore II)

Six years ago, two fleets met in a battle that changed the course of the galaxy. In the time since, the CasterLan Kingdom and the Vonnegan Empire have been rebuilding their forces. The clock is ticking down to another inevitable confrontation.
In the face of insurmountable odds, Vere CasterLan’s only hope lies in freeing a legendary weapon from the stone that encases it. It has been said that whoever can free the Excalibur will possess unimaginable power. The only problem, as certain death approaches, is that for thousands of years no one has been able to figure out how to release the Excalibur from the asteroid surrounding it.
Lives will be lost, kingdoms will be redrawn, and the galaxy will never be the same.

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The Round Table (Space Lore III)

The CasterLan forces have withdrawn to the edges of the solar system. Vere CasterLan, their leader, struggles to survive in the galaxy’s most feared prison. Meanwhile, the Vonnegan Empire looks to find more planets to rule over.

Seeing firsthand the cruelty and suffering that the Vonnegan Empire is capable of, Vere begins to understand that only one thing that can bring peace to the galaxy and stop Mowbray once and for all. It’s a simple notion, only three words: the round table.

But as the call goes out for armies from every corner of space to unite against a common evil, will anyone listen to a ruler who has already lost everything she once had?

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The Man Who Watched The World End

The Man Who Watched The World End

The end of man was not signaled by marauding gangs or explosions, but with silence. People simply grew older knowing a younger generation would not be there to replace them. The final two residents in the neighborhood of Camelot, an old man and his invalid brother, are trapped in their house by forests full of cats and dogs battling with the bears and wolves to eat anything they can find. As the man struggles to survive, he recounts all the ways society changed as the human population continued to shrink. This is the haunting account of a man who has witnessed the world fade away. It is also a story about the power of family.
(A Great De-evolution Story)

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A Different Alchemy

A Different Alchemy

As the human population continues to decline, most people travel south to maintain a semblance of the life they know. Entire cities are abandoned. But following a senseless act of violence, one man travels north, toward forgotten lands. Is it possible for a loving husband and father, surrounded by reminders of mankind’s impending extinction, to reclaim what he lost? A tale of a man realizing that everyone has their own pain and their own way of dealing with it, and a lesson about the importance of forgiveness.   (A Great De-evolution Story)

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The Hauntings of Playing God

Everyone is dead. All that remains is an old woman and a gymnasium full of unresponsive bodies. Each day, another storm approaches, threatening to destroy the building they call home. Each night, a series of nightmares leaves the woman screaming for help. Alone and overwhelmed, will the final member of the human race be thought of as a caretaker or as a monster? A story about the possibilities each life holds and a lesson about the importance of believing in something greater than yourself.   (A Great De-evolution Story)

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The Theta Timeline

Leaders who rely on war and fear. The men and women who refuse to accept a tyrannical government. And an unreliable means of time travel in which most people don’t survive. Welcome to the nightmarish future of The Theta Timeline.

Freedom wasn’t stolen overnight, but gradually chipped away through a campaign of war and terror. People were told new laws and restrictions were for their own good. But the reality was a monstrous regime bent on controlling its subjects. Now, there is only one way to stop the Tyranny: go back in time and prevent it from ever starting.   Purchase your copy today!

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The Theta Prophecy

The treasure at Oak Island. JFK’s assassination. A tyrannous regime’s inner-workings. Welcome to The Theta Prophecy, where alternate history meets modern dystopian. Having survived a perilous journey into the distant past, a time traveler grapples with the crushing realization that his sacrifices were in vain. In a different era, the world suffers at the hands of an empire bent on instilling misery upon an entire population. But the course he unknowingly sets the world upon will change everything we think we know about history. Irreverent but insightful, The Theta Prophecy is an adventure spanning centuries.

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The Faulty Process of Electing a Senior Class President

The official satire of the 2016 elections

Two candidates no one wants to vote for. An election the students want to forget about. A story everyone can identify with.
A satire based on the recent Presidential election, combining the political allegory of Orwell with the dark humor of Vonnegut. It is not a partisan book against any one candidate or political party. Rather, it is a call to change a system that keeps offering bad choices. It is also a reminder that no matter how old you are you should expect better from your leaders.

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